As in any church our ministries represent the heart beat of our church.  it is within these areas that our congregation finds belonging, healing and opportunities to serve.


Each of our ministry teams function interdependently and rely on the larger body to help make them a success as we depend on each other and seek input and participation church wide.  Addtionally, our ministry teams focus on three main areas as they conduct their planning and development.


  • Through our ministry teams we are taking a proactive approach to reaching our neighbors.  It has long been noted by researchers that once the Sunday service ends a new person will wait for no more than 10 minutes in hopes of meeting people.  Beyond that they are gone - forever.  We are asking our ministry teams to proactively plan outreach oriented events.  This will help each area of influence begin to challenge themselves and challenge others to befriend and engage a culture that is looking for answers. And that is best accomplished when our people are released in their passions, relying on their God-given creativity, rooted in biblical community and instruction.  It sounds obvious, but in order to reach our community we must be involved in community outreach.


  • Through our ministry teams we are committed to strengthening our families. Men, we want to focus on becoming real men of God.  That includes learning and practicing what it means to be a father, husband, leader and friend.  Women, we want to focus on becoming real women who nurture our children, mentor younger women and use our God-given influence to give a well-rounded approach to family ministry.  If we want our church to be strong we must invest in the strenghtening of our families.  From adult ministries, to youth and children, a major focus is the development of strong family units, assisted and supported by the church.


  • Through our ministry teams we are committed to the active participation of the body to prayer.  In all the activities that happen in the church, if those ministries are not undergirded in active prayer it is all a hoax and nothing more than a proverbial straw man.  We want to see developed a genuine love of God through prayer and intimant fellowship.  This takes place in everything from seminars, to prayer celebration services to practical training.  Prayer is not so God can answer our wants, but so that we know His.


To learn more about our ministry teams and how you can be involved, please choose from the navigation bar at the top of this page.  Or if you prefer, you can email us at for more information.